Batman: Arkham Origins

My name is Froseph and in this blog… I am going to do something I don’t normally do and say straight out this is a big fat pass. Now before the people of Gotham, the batman fanboys and the internet come at me with pitchforks and torches. Let me explain to you why this installment of the Dark Knight should be cleansed from the record books.

Lets start with the plot, now if you have played Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City you know a few very important things… One of those is that they love throwing the joker at you… Now don’t get me wrong Mark Hamill as the joker is definitely amazing and his portrayal of the psycho clown is phenomenal. However he was the main villain in the first two, so going in to the third game with that knowledge in hand I set out to play batman at the beginning of career as the caped crusader. Right off the bat (No pun intended) you get the same feelings you had from Arkham city and that maybe everything is going to be ok and like a man who wants to believe, you ignore the controls don’t feel right and feel slow to react. When like a punch to the face by your grandma, Death Stroke comes to town and his fight makes you want to punch a small child or punt a cute puppy. I know right baby punching and puppy kicking… what kinda of monster would do that. Only a monster created from the pain that Batman Origins brings. So after you get through Death Stroke… if you even get through it… and several other bosses who should appear but the joker… and he is pulling all the strings… and all the early villains of batman go back to supporting roles and it is you vs the clown all over again…

Now for the mechanics and controls these are a step down from Arkham city and feel less responsive. Honestly what they did is say “see what Rocksteady did on the last two… take that regress it back a decade and give me a story… except don’t take away any of the gadgets he had and give him even better and cooler technology then he had in the previous two.” So they did it and all was not good.

Now graphics wise all of this looks to be on par if not better then the first two… which is not unexpected they are not going to downgrade to maintain the same feel of the first two nor do I or anyone else expecting them too. The music sounds like what you would hear from any animated Batman TV┬áseries or movie… The voice work for this is amazing and for that at the very least My hat is off to you.

In conclusion again I reiterate this is a pass, go and buy the first two and pretend this didn’t happen… Its good parts are far and in between most of the boss fights are way to gimmicky and while you still enjoy flying around Gotham you can do it back in two. Now for those of you who may lose faith in the series of games do not lose heart Rocksteady will be doing Batman Arkham knights and once it goes back on steam I will definitely be picking it so I can review it and stream my play-through of it.


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