Rocket League

I’m Froseph and I am doing a review for Rocket League. This game is pretty straight forward it plays like Soccer/Futball if you are outside of the states. Rocket League has 2 goals, 2 teams and 1 over sized ball, Now this doesn’t have players running across the field or taking a knee while pretending to be injured so they can take a free shot. No this has Rc Cars that can flip, spin and rocket boost all for players to control in order to destroy the enemy team and score goals.

Now Rocket league is on PS4, Xbox One and PC. That being said I am focusing on PC because that is what I mostly play games on so you have to ways to play using the keyboard or Controller. I recommend a controller while keyboard is just as good, the controller really helps at least for me.

Now the key thing is to play the freaking 2 tutorial’s one for rookie and one for pro. Take the time to learn what it has to offer. This will teach you how to use the jump boost to gain speed and gain ball control and in a game like this you have to knock around that ball.

Now once you have mastered those tutorials or have lied to yourself because you want to take on some real opponents you can proceed to online mode which has quick matches for 1v1 – 4v4 or ranked mode which is much the same way. Each match starts with 5 mins on the board in which the teams try and score as my goals as possibly with in the time limit in the caged arena. Now it sounds simple right use the car hit the ball score the goal. Wrong in this game while easy to understand is hard to master.

While I could spit out a bunch of tips about how to play I will say finding your own style and getting a group of friends together on ventrillo or teamspeak really helps. It also makes it way more fun. However the game also has a season which can be played against computer components which is 26 weeks against the games own self created teams. This is a good way to find shots that work and don’t while feeling like you are doing more then just exhibition game after exhibition game against the computer.

Also you level each match you get so many points for winning or losing for centering a ball or taking a shot. All this goes in to your level which unlocks cars and accessories for you. Now all this just ascetics and really doesn’t do much other then make you stand out on the field of battle. Now I have read that they will be releasing soon a paid DLC so I am unsure what will be in it but I imagine it will be more ascetics and perhaps a few new game modes.

So while this is a short review I would say it is worth getting, It is oddly addicting because with the games being so short you find yourself playing 5 or 6 and only 30 mins having gone by. So it is great to play when you don’t have a lot of time before work or hanging with friends. It is very competitive and has great replay value, also you can put it away for a while and come back and be right back in the game.


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