Ark: Survival Evolved

This is Froseph, I am doing a review on the Early Release version of Ark Survival Evolved. Now as it is Early Release some are hesitant to purchase the game. This is completely understandable as most early released games maybe update once a month or only when they have a major patch. However the makers of Ark seem to be pushing out the content with the firey passion of a thousand suns as they tend to release major patches 3 – 4 times a month and minor patches as often as needed. They have added 8 dino’s and many other items from a stone tier to crossbows with much more on the way.

So lets go over how things work in this dino island of adventure and pain. Your character wakes up on a sandy beach on one of the many points on the island with a futuristic chip in his wrist leaving you just as curious about your location as your character. Now at the moment of this review a person can get a total of 71 levels for their character on the official servers also your character is per server and not one you can take from server to server. However many of the rules go out the window on private servers as the owner can adjust everything from how many levels you get to how fast dinosaurs can be tamed.

Now with each level you can put points in to Health, Stamina (How long you can run, punch or chop trees) Oxygen (How long you can stay under water) Food/Water (Yes, you have to eat and drink in this game.) Weight (How much you can hold on your person) Movement Speed (How fast you can run) Fortitude (How much Coldier or Hotter it has to be to effect your character) Crafting speed (How fast it takes to construct something, However at this time it really is kinda pointless) and lastly Torpo which for the moment you can’t put points in to for the moment. Torpo is actually important both for your character and dinos as when filled knocks out your character or a dino you want to tame until it is brought back to zero either with time or with items in the game such as stimulants.

So how do you build weapons, armor, saddles and pieces for your house? Well those come from engrams and you get a certain amount of points per level to put in to the purchasing of these patterns. While weapons are important they are pretty self explanatory however armor can’t be forgotten about because depending on what are you wearing, what time it is during the day/night cycle and the location you are on the map will depend on whether or not you are hot or cold. Now to hot and you start to dehydrate quicker or to cold and you start to lose health faster. So armor is just as important as the weapon you wield because they protect you from dino’s and the elements. Now certain items like the Weapons, Armor and Saddles have a rarity and that is primitive (Grey) to Ascended (Orange) This ramping up is much like the item rarity in World of Warcraft. Though for each step above primitive the cost materials goes up as well the higher level they are and these patterns can only be found in supply drops or supply crates around the island or in the caves. and speaking of supply drops they also have different colors those colors are White for any level, Green for 15 and above, blue for 25 and above, purple for 35 and above, yellow for 45 and above and finally red for 55 and above. While it is random when they drop, the locations at least for the moment are static so building a home near a location does help in the beginning of the game.

Materials on the island are what aid in craft items so far in the game you have Stone, Fiber, Fur, Wood, Thatch, Flint, Metal, Obsidian, Berries, Meat, Oil and pearls. These are the major ones for now but as they update I am sure this will change and more will be added as they update continue rolling in.

Now where does the survival come in well our dino friends come in neutral like the dodo, trikes, and stego’s or aggressive like the T-Rex, Raptors, Dilo’s and Megalodon’s. Many of the aggressive dino’s will seek you out and try to kill you and for the moment they come at you for a long while so it is hard to run away so building shelter quick is key. As you level you will get slingshots, Bows and crossbows which are used to help you knock out and tame dino’s on the island. You will also get weapons like the spear, pike, pistol, shotgun and rifle to help you kill them if you would rather they be eliminated.

Should you decide to knock out a dino with stones or tranq arrows it is ready to tame make sure you have narcotics this will raise up your dino’s torpo level should it need it. Dino’s are either herbivores or carnivores. Each has its favorite foods herbivores have 4 different kinds of berries to choose from and each herbivore likes a different one more then the others. While carnivores love prime meat which spoils very quickly but gives a big boost in the taming process while raw meat any will eat but has a lower taming value. That being said as of patch 1.87 they added kibble which is specific to each dino carnivore or herbivore and gives them a bigger boost while raising the taming efficiency of the dino it is being used on. Kibble has a very high shelf life however it also takes specific dino eggs and additional ingredients.

Now while I could sit here and go over every feature from the monoliths that summon rare mobs and the pvp and pve aspects, I think it is better for people to get in and play it. Make a tribe with your friends build bases, tame dinos, whether you join a pvp server and kill other tribes or pve and trade with fellow tribes on your server in order to help each other grow this game is fun. Hopefully this review has helped you so this is Fro signing off. Hope to see you on the next review.


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