Game Dev Tycoon

maxresdefaultI actually will be taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the AAA high budgeted games and instead take a look at a game listed under the project green light section of steam, that game is Game Developer Tycoon. Now this game doesn’t have cut scenes or flashy graphics but is instead made by greenheart games.

Now the game starts off in the 1980’s as a lone game designer sits in his garage with a classy and stylish Delorean under a car cover in the back corner and works to create a game using the random genre’s and game classes to combo all to get that illusive hit video game. Now this sounds simple right… Wrong each section of the game creation is setup with sliders that allow you to choose which aspects you focus on such as Graphics/A.I./World Design. Now each genre and game style like Simulator, Action, Rpg, Adventure and Casual have aspects that are important to them and aspects that aren’t. Now as you play you will do research on your past games to learn what you did right and what you did wrong. This will better help you to focus your creations. Along those lines you also have to choose which platform you release your game on Computer, Consoles, phones and much more.

As you progress research will added things such as age specification such as y for young E for everyone or M for Mature. Graphic upgrades, Better sounds, the ability to save your game, multilayer and open world. These when used with specific games make them do better.

Now just like any game where you make money you have to spend it to upgrade your situation so moving out of your garage and saying goodbye to your Delorean you purchase a office allowing you to add more people to your work force and allowing you to make bigger games now this requires collaboration with them. Now up till this point you really just slapped together games but now this is when Technology and Design play a bigger part. When you Hirer them you will be able to choose weather they are Technology oriented, Design oriented or a mix of both.

The nice thing is you can play completely through and then do another game and have all the knowledge of what are good or great combos Like for example City and Simulation Rated E for Everyone… Sound familiar it should that is equivalent to SimCity.

Now graphic wise this game is very simple and works for it, the mechanics are straight forward and prompts are easy to understand. Mechanics wise once you play for 30 minutes you understand the basics which will allow you to enjoy the game and music for this is simplistic and just a step above elevator music which honestly is better then most simulators give you.

So overall it has a great replay value and a fun little story line. I would highly suggest this if you like a game that is addicting but allows you to stop at any time. The best thing is game has heart, these guys are also smart and developed a cracked version to be uploaded to popular places like Piratebay and other torrent sites that allowed a person to play the game but slowly the designer in game would have people pirating their games until finally they go bankrupt. This was Rank level: Genius to me and gave me a great laugh and just adds to the story of what makes this game so great.